Audit Services

This process is defined as systematic, it tends to obtain and evaluate objectively the evidence which states regarding to  economic events and processes that are involved in the financial statements according to Accounting Principles Generally Accepted and current regulations.

Audit of Financial Statements

Consists of examining that takes place to the financial statements for the purpose of expressing an opinion about the fairness of the information provided by them, in accordance with Accounting Principles Generally Accepted or other standards that are general or particular according to the audited entity. Simultaneously it is proposed to give improved financial management systems.

The reviews of financial statements can be made with specific reasons at every opportunity, as a closing exercise, in case of joints, acquisition, or liquidation of companies bidding or particular needs of itself

The product of this audit is focused on shareholders, owners or external users of accounting information, ensuring complete accuracy under the standards of an organization registered on the SVS.

Special Audits and Operational

This service is mainly focused on the requirement of each company, essentially oriented to an integral auditing process, considering the internal audit services and operations to specific areas or to  the company as a whole aimed at  inform about issues in any unit of the organization. The following special audits, among others, may be granted by the entity:

  • Audits of internal control systems, administrative systems.
  • Global systems audit or cost accounting.
  • Accounting certifications  based on compliance with specific laws or regulations.
  • Inventories and valuations of assets in any structure, including drawing up procedures, advisory, execution.
  • Audits and surveys in processes, and effectiveness of passive holder.
  • Audit reports according to international standards.
  • Pre-certification audit ISO 9001.