Management Services

In order of responding to the multiple requirements of local companies and foreign subsidiaries, the need to externalise administrative tasks and thereby reduce the cost and risk of its own structure accompanied by a Multidisciplinary advisory on different topics of outsourcing and technical material, the firm provides the following services:

Accounting Administrative Support Service

It includes a range of services related to the collection, analysis and recording of information on operations of the company,  in order to issue financial statements and management reports. This area also provides special services aimed at optimizing costs and improvements in activities, Such is the case as the emission of specific certificates and support in internal processes at organizational levels.

Support  in Partneship creation. Representation of companies under control agencies (SSI, General Treasury of the Republic, etc.).

Accounting and Advisory Service in preparation of financial statements and thereafter the  issue of accounting books  and legal registry. This service is performed either at the premises of the firm or at companies

  • Data processing (typing), reconciliation and accounting analysis.
  • Data processing (typing). • Process of Payments to suppliers and managment debt Collection.
  • Preparation, submission and payment of Form 29 (I.V.A. and withholding tax).
  • Evaluation and restructuring of administrative processes, which may include the redesign of the internal operation and development of their respective procedures and action guides.
  • Submition of certificates, Law 18,034..

Private Role Salaries and Payroll

This service is exclusive for companies seeking to keep confidentiality of the remuneration of executives and special staff.

This service consists in compensating salaries, the payment of these, standards that support these special situations, setting and paying pension benefits, keeping records and the continuous study of legal standards to optimize taxation, pension and medical levy for businesses.