Niif (ifrs)

Russell Bedford Chile has designed a range of forms of inserting the application NIIF on Chilean companies, according to the rules to be applied.

Training, Diagnosis, and implementation support are the most common, however in addition to this, Russell Bedford consolidates these stages with a strong personal involvement of those responsible for the area, according to the real needs of the company.

The activities place under the concept of target-acquisition, that is, each of the stages seek to obtain a real improvement in the specific contributions to the convergence results given by each company.

Through the mission of integral development of personnel employed and small businesses the firm is able to attend fundamental aspects that allow the companies to possess workers skilled in NIIF, Which allows to improve the quality of the information for effects of the reports needed by the new structure of financial information.

  • Seminars: aimed to develop knowledge and enhance skills in specific topics through short courses (12 to 18 chronological hours).
  • Diagnostics:  They  provide an integral and systematic training in certain areas, the information necessary to determine effects and impacts with  the implementation of IFRS.
  • Assistance in implementation:  designed to atend  the unique needs of  each company through a specialist in the  charge, thus achieving maximum efficiency in the implementation  of IFRS in each and particular case.

Our firm has a specialized  division in this subject, and with the support of Russell Bedford firms in Mexico, Spain and other countries with experience in these technical topics, for cases that are deemed necessary.