Tax Advisory

Services solves quickly the requirements and understand the needs of technical and legal aspects of the company and its partners or shareholders. This service is provided through both permanent and sporadic methodology, according to the requirements of each company.

Within the Tax advisory work, one of the main concerns is referred to check and instruct the proper compliance with the laws and regulations regarding to the status of accounting records, preparing record earnings (FUT), tax planning and other.

For those cases where a consulting  is required as a  corporative character  Russell Bedford operates with the support of entities and specialized staff in the area. The services can be defined in the following categories:

  • Assessment of taxes affecting the company.
  • Preparation or verification of  monthly statements Forms , regarding their content, support and  tax rates calculation
  • Determination of taxable bases rates.
  • Identify specific transactions in the accounting and evaluation of side effects in tax base rates.
  • Certification of reconciliation calculations, etc.
  • Handling of Notifications by control agencies.
  • Setting up or  processing in the process of withholding taxes annually.
  • Analysis of origin specific tax situations.
  • Studies of depreciation, contributions, grants, valuation of inventory and everything that involves the determination of the profit  and adjust it  to their actual fact to achieve a proper settlement of the Taxable rates.